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Beer on tap

Browse our book of recipes and pick your new favorite!


All A&G recipe kits are assembled on demand, ensuring freshness. It only takes a sec, and you'll see why folks come back again and again for Alex McDonald's well-balanced, crowd-pleasing recipes. 

  • Cascade Falls American IPA

  • California Girls Blonde Ale

  • Bee Hive Blonde Blonde Ale

  • New England Gangsta’ IPA (Earth Eagle Brewings)  

  • Piscata-Hef Weizen/Weissbier

  • Hanna & Sven Belgian Blond Ale

  • Nugget’s Brigade Pale Ale

  • Butte County American Pale Ale

  • Metaphysical Daze American Amber Ale

  • Jack the Knife American Amber Ale

  • Battle of Wit Witbier

  • London’s Burning English Pale Ale

  • Old Ben English IPA

  • Hopped Black American IPA

  • Walk in the Park Belgian Tripel

  • Mademoiselle Shosana Saison

  • Nebraska Hoppy Saison  (Earth Eagle Brewings)   

  • Winter Saison

  • Brown Bruin American Brown Ale

  • Engine Joe Espresso Robust Porter (Earth Eagle Brewings)   

  • Up In Smoke Robust Porter

  • Southbound Train Robust Porter

  • Acan Stout Chocolate Chili Stout  (Earth Eagle Brewings) 

  • The Publican Dry Stout

  • Holstein’s Parade Sweet Stout

  • Russian Circus  Imperial Stout

  • My Two Front Teeth Holiday Spice American Amber

  • Grapple Load Old Ale

  • Willie’s Playground Strong Scotch Ale

  • Czech Yourself Bohemian Pilsner

  • Dubbel Trubbel Belgian Dubbel

  • Fur Trappa’ Belgian Dubbel

  • Mailbock Mailbock/Helles Bock

  • Paul Revere Dark American Lager

  • Empire Strikes Bock Traditional Bock

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